A Tea Drinkers “Must Have”

Since I have given up caffeine(don’t ask me about it, it’s still a sore subject), I crave a hot drink like no other.  I always made fun of my husband for drinking tea because seriously how old are we??  I have come around though and I now love my herbal tea.  What is even better than a nice, hot, cup of tea you might ask……an adorable tea pot to go with it of course!  I searched all over for a cute tea pot that would not only aid in my newfound tea obsession but also serve as decoration.  I finally found it at World Market.  I was a little afraid that since it didn’t whistle I wouldn’t know when the water was done, but you can definitely tell.  I wanted an antique type feel and I thought all the tea pots with whistles looked too modern and just not cute.  This one was just perfect!  I’ve been using it for awhile and it still looks brand new.  I love it!



Adorable right?!?!

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