Homemade Blocks

I’m always looking for ways to make cheap toys for my daughter.  I swear every time I spend money on a toy she either breaks it right away or never uses it.  We used this idea in the classroom I taught in, so I thought I would share.


  • old cardboard boxes(I used an old cereal box, an old macaroni noodle box, and an old cracker box)
  • Family pictures- or whatever else you want to have on the different sides of the boxes.  You could also do different animals and use the boxes to learn animal sounds.
  • Construction paper
  • Clear packaging tape or contact paper
  • Glue


  • Cut different colors of construction paper to fit the sides of your boxes.
  • Glue the construction paper onto your boxes
  • Glue pictures onto all the sides of the boxes.  Some pictures will have to be smaller depending on the size of your box.  I found it was easier to just use my computer to print off pictures on paper versus using actual pictures.  That way you can change the size of your pictures according to what you need.
  • To make my blocks last a bit longer I used clear packaging tape and covered my boxes with it.  That way my daughter couldn’t just peel the paper and pictures off.  You could also use contact paper.



Here are my finished blocks.  My daughter likes to stack them up and knock them over, but she also loves pointing out all of her family members!!

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