Quiet Time Book

I’ve been seeing posts all over about making quiet time books for your children.  When I was visiting my parents over the weekend I saw that even they had one that they used when I was little.  My mom’s was made out of thick fabric and was sewn together.  I have zero sewing ability, so I had to make mine a little different(and probably not as durable as my mom’s).  I got my inspiration for my quiet time book from here and here.  I basically just took my favorite ideas from both to make mine.

I laminated the books using the self laminating pouches you can buy at Walmart and I used velcro to attach all my pieces.



My Cover






My Name Is….






Matching Shapes 






Traffic Light 






Playing Dress Up

This is by far my favorite page.  These adorable dress up dolls can be found at babalisme.  You can just print them out for free!!




Five Little Ducks          IMAG2022

IMAG2026  Five Green and Speckled Frogs      IMAG2025

You could basically do any song you wanted, these are just two of my favorites.  I’ll be honest I haven’t let my toddler use hers yet.  After putting so much work into it I don’t want to watch as she destroys it:)

Happy crafting!!!!

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