Kiss My Face Potent and Pure Clean For A Day Cleanser

I have become completely obsessed with changing out my current products for less toxic ones.  If you haven’t heard of, or used the ewg cosmetic database you must!!  Basically they give a 1 to 10 rating for all of our cosmetic products determined by their ingredients, 0 being the best and 10 the worst.  I was mortified at the scores some of my products got…I’m talking 8 and 9’s!!!  I didn’t want to just throw all my products out and buy new, since I don’t really like to throw money in the garbage, instead I decided I would buy new once I ran out of my current.

First up is my face wash.  My current Neutrogena face cleanser was rated a 6, so after searching around for a bit to find one with the best score and price I decided on Kiss My Face Potent and Pure Clean For a Day Cleanser, which was rated a 1!!  It is organic, free of parabens, and has no artificial fragrances.  I searched around to find where I could get the best price and I found the best price at



So far I really like this face cleanser.  It smells delicious!!  You know when you use some cleansers they lather up so much your entire face is white, well this cleanser isn’t like that.  It’s more clear, but I liked it that way! Once my current moisturizer runs out I will be buying the Kiss My Face Moisturizer.

Stay tuned for more “green” reviews!!!!

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