Painted Mason Jars

We don’t have a play room for our little girl so I wanted an area that was hers, yet still matched our decor.  I found this cute children’s table at hayneedle.  We got it in gray to match our gray painted walls.  Our daughter loves it!!  I’ve been trying to think of a way to store her art materials on the table in a cute way and I finally decided I would try to paint some mason jars.  It can’t be that hard right???


  • Cardboard or something to paint on
  • Mason Jars(If you don’t have any you can basically buy them at any craft store)
  • Acrylic paint in colors of your choice(No Satin or Gloss)
  • Sandpaper
  • Sealer/Finisher

I purchased my acrylic paint at Michaels.  Make sure you don’t get satin or gloss, they don’t work as well with this.  I chose gray, butter cream, and navy because it worked with my color scheme.



Next paint your mason jars.  I just use those cheap, foam brushes so I can throw them away when I’m done.  It will take a few coats.  Make sure you let each coat really dry, otherwise when you go to paint another coat it kind of just rubs the paint right off.


Once you have painted them to your liking, I recommend letting them dry overnight before you distress.  Otherwise you run the chance of the sand paper peeling the paint right off.  Better safe than sorry!!!

Once you waited overnight use your sandpaper to lightly sand the areas that are raised.  I did the top ring portion and the wording.  You can do more if you’d like.  My navy blue jar was one I already had sitting around in my pantry and the wording wasn’t raised very much for some reason, so that one didn’t distress the best.  The other two I bought at Michaels and worked great.



Once you’ve done the distressing you can paint or spray paint your sealer on.  I prefer spray paint sealers, but I know everyone has a different preference.  I used a matte finish, but you can use whatever for this portion.  I used this one from Michaels.



I added some twine that I had lying around to my jars.  I think it adds a little something.  Works perfect to hold my daughters colored pencils, markers, and crayons!!




I think she loves it!!






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