Easy Yarn Balls

I’ve been wanting to make yarn balls for awhile,  and I kept seeing all of these tutorials that said to dip the yarn in a glue mixture and then just wrap it around your styrofoam balls.  Sounds easy right….well I know from many failed diy attempts that easy isn’t always easy for me:)  That’s when I found this tutorial, finally one that sounded like it might actually work for me!


  • Styrofoam balls in any size you prefer. I used 2 1/2 in, and 1 in.
  • Yarn in any color
  • Super glue(optional)


IMAG2458      IMAG2445

  • Find the end of your yarn and begin to wrap the end around your styrofoam ball.


  • Continue to wrap the yarn around the ball. Make sure you evenly wrap for good coverage. Wrap until the styrofoam is sufficiently covered.

IMAG2451    IMAG2452   IMAG2453

  • Once your styrofoam ball is covered to your liking, give yourself about 6 inches of yarn, then cut it. Take the excess yarn and wrap it around the ball and tuck yarn under the already wrapped yarn until it is secure and the end isn’t sticking out.  If you want you could add a drop of super glue, but I didn’t think it needed it.  

IMAG2454  IMAG2455

  • I put my yarn balls in this cute lantern I bought at Pier1 Imports.



So much easier than the dipping in glue process!!!!

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