Loofah Painting

Since I started staying at home with our daughter I try to do some kind of craft/art activity with her every day.  I want her to experience the type of things she would if she was at a daycare.  Kids love to paint!!  I always have extra loofahs lying around because my mom puts them in my stocking for every Christmas….yes my mom still fills my stocking.  I use to do this activity with my students in my classroom when I was teaching, and they loved it!


  • Loofah
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Paint shirt or bib


  • Pretty self-explanatory.  Put some paint in a paper plate and have your little one use the loofah to sponge on the paint to their paper.  I happened to have some frog pictures in my teaching binder from when I did a frog unit, so we just used one of those.:)



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