Oh My DeVita Baby Diaper Balm

As I continue on my quest to switch to using more natural and healthy products for myself and for my family I came across a company called Oh My Devita Baby.  They carry organic baby products that are free of parabens and other harmful ingredients other popular brands contain(ie. Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno).   I purchased the Lotion, Bodywash/Shampoo, and the Diaper Balm.  I am still using some leftover shampoo and lotions that I already had, so I haven’t gotten to open those yet.  I have however tried out the Diaper Balm.


My thoughts:

  • Super cute packaging and names…..some of them literally sound good enough to eat!
  • Pretty good prices compared to other natural brands.
  • Nice to not get cream all over your fingers(and in my case under my nails….yuck!!).
  • Works really well; my little one had a really bad diaper rash and this balm worked really fast on healing her up.
  • Not included on the ewg database yet(I am guessing because they are relatively new), but when you check the individual ingredients nothing is over a “1” on their rating scale.  That’s pretty good in my book!
  • Really the only negative that I found is that I feel germs(and sometimes yuckiness) from your little one’s bottom can get on the roll, when that happens I just try to wipe it off on something.

Also, if you follow them on Twitter they post when they are having sales.  This has come in handy for me a few times:)

If you are in the market for new baby products I would check these out!  You can buy them on their website and on drugstore.com.  I am excited to open the other ones that I bought!!!

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