Under the stairs playroom

We don’t have a designated “playroom” and believe me I wish we had the space for one.  You don’t realize how much stuff a child has until you have to figure out where to put it all!! As we were finishing our basement I was trying to figure out a way to store her stuff and give her a little bit of her own space, but yet have it still seem like our “grown-up space”.  I didn’t want ugly plastic totes all over filled with her toys.  We had originally decided to just put a door on the space under the stairs and use it for storage, but then I decided to make it into her own little reading nook/play area.  My husband had extra trim left over from the other rooms so he just put some in there.  I wanted it to be an extension of our living room and not something with crazy and bright colors.  Our basement has a gray, navy blue, and yellow color scheme so I decided to stick with that. I still have a few more ideas of things I want to do in there, but for now I think it looks pretty great.


I bought a big floor pillow off overstock.com.  It is actually a dog bed, but it works for a place for her to lay down and read.  I was looking at big pillows and they were all so expensive.  The dog pillow was so much cheaper!  I threw a few other random pillows on it and found some baskets at Target on clearance to put a few toys in.


I bought cheap cardboard letters at Michaels craft store and then painted them myself.  I am pretty happy with how they turned out.  I am not super crafty, so painting stripes and dots were a little scary for me.  I used circle sponges that I also bought at Michaels( Martha Stewart brand) for the polka dot ones and I free-handed the stripes.  I hung them with command picture hanging strips.


Underneath the letters is a little shelf for a few books.  It isn’t super large so can’t fit tons of books, but enough for what we wanted it for.  I originally wanted my husband to make this, but he never had “time” so I bought it off etsy instead.


On the opposite wall I put this cute decal that I found off etsy that totally fits my energetic daughter.  Underneath are some big clips that I mod podged with scrapbook paper to hang some of her artwork.  I hung the clips using command strips.


I painted the bottom half of the wall with chalkboard and magnetic paint. My daughter loves this!  Is was a lot of work just because you have to do so many coats, but well worth it!

Overall our under the stairs playroom turned out awesome and is a huge hit with our daughter!



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