Spinach, Peas and Pears Baby Puree

Now that my baby is getting older and we have gotten through most of the stage 1 fruits and vegetables, I am starting to make fun concoctions for him. Here is one I just made that my 7 month old loved.


  • 2 pears
  • 1/2-1  cup frozen peas( I didn’t really measure)
  • Handful of spinach


  • Peel your pears and chop them into pieces.
  • Put the pears and peas into some boiling water to steam until softened or use thesteamer bags. I use the ziploc zip n’ steam bags and they are so easy!!
  • Once softened throw everything into your food processor and process until the consistency that you want for your baby.
  • Spoon the mixture into ice cube trays to freeze. I use these.
  • Once frozen I pop them out and put into freezer bags for easy storage in the freezer.
  • This made a little over 2 ice cube trays for me.


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